Ring and Arlo "Then Actions"

I own both the Ring Pro and the regular Arlo cameras and have been using CoRE to trigger automation when either detect motion. My question is to determine if either of these can record as a result of an action from another trigger or if the Ring can be turned off via automation.

For example. If the ring detects motion, then begin recording with the Arlos (or vice versa). Another would be if presence sensors are arriving, turn off Ron Pro notification for 5 minutes. (I currently do this with the Arlos via CoRE where I turn them off for 5 minutes so I am not triggering the recording.

I can’t figure it out with CoRE, so I was wondering if there are other options.

To my knowledge you can’t modify the Ring Pro settings for what you want to do with ST, either through the mobile app or a SmartApp like CoRE.