Ring Alarm released! (Integration project in post 13)

It’s about frik’n time!!!

Maybe this will get SmartThings moving better on our “security” requests of SO many years… i.e. standard built in DELAY maybe?

Preorder. Ships July 4, 2018.

This is already done in the new app

The Ring keypad is z-wave. Should be interesting to see if someone has reverse engineer it to work with SmartThings.

Also cool they will work with outside vendors, although right now that’s limited to the First Alert smoke/CO detector and Dome siren.

yeah, but who the hell wants to use that new “Connect” app when it isn’t fully functional like Classic? ; )

DELAY is just “part of the missing puzzle”.


Beginning in November 2017, all of the “security” links on the SmartThings.com website take you to information about the ADT/SmartThings security panel model line. Which does have most of the missing pieces one would expect from a low-cost security system.

So I think the answer is that the security features have been added to that Model line. There may be a few of the software oriented ones that will be eventually added to the hub and other lines, but I think most of them are going to be in the ADT version. Certainly it looks like that’s the only one that is going to have cellular backup, for example.


Yeah, but don’t want anything “ADT”. “most” DIYers don’t either no matter how much its thought to fill the gap…and NOT at their ridiculous prices either. If I wanted ADT, I would have just called them.


Did you mean 2017?

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Yes, thanks for the correction, I will fix my post above. :sunglasses:

I think integration with Ring’s alarm is a great option for ST. The Ring Alarm has cellular backup and the focus with Ring is going to likely be security just as ADT’s is. It would be nice to have more than one option for security. If you look at any polling that has been done around the Smarthome with consumers the #1 item that consumers are interested in is security and it is that feature that will get those regular consumers into the rest of the HA world and ST has a good foothold with the open platform but there are many that have arrived at the dance now and ST needs to differentiate itself with more integrations and avoid proprietary closed systems.

From the reviews it doesn’t sound like you can currently use any non-ring as part of the alarm system, or even use the system to trigger other things in your home.

Ring supposedly mention there will be integration in the future but no time table has been set…

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I’m really curious on this product and watching the reviews. Really looking for a good product to replace my current system and cut those $45 a month monitoring fees. I already have a ring doorbell, sooo…

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This is definitly the alarm system to buy that even a non tech savvy wife could deal with.

With SmartThings, there is NO WAY IN HELL my wife knows the first thing to do with it if something goes down or wrong… just waaaaay too much DIY mostly in my part as I know what to do, but she would never touch it. (Couldnt imagine her using the IDE!) She can easily use the app and Xfinity keypad though…that is as simple as it gets next to the routines and presence sensors (NOT ANDROID presence!!!) handling things. The Xfinity keypad (along with arnb’s Delay!) and the kwikset keypad lock 914 are the absolute BEST things we added to the ST to make this function as easy as possible. The Wallmote was nice, but the Xfinity keypad is ten times better.

The Ring seems much less reliant on someone tech savvy… and JUST WORKS simply as it should.


I wish they would offer more feature specs or q&a on their support page. One feature I was looking for is the crash/smash protection some provide with monitored services.

I have recently switched to Ring Alarm from SimliSafe. Ever since i switched, I missed the ST integration, and I decided to create one.

I have created a custom device and app for integrating ST with Ring Alarm. The integration is using a bridge application as Ring Alarm uses WebSockets for communication and ST does not support that. You can check the integration here https://github.com/asishrs/smartthings-ringalarm.

Deploying the bridge Lambda in AWS might incur some charges, per my calculation it is less than $1.


Thank you very much to take the time to do this! I’ve been using stringify flows that get triggered by emails. Integrating with SmartThings should be much more reliable.

Can you share the things that can be done with this integration? I’m tempted to set this up just to try but would really love some incite! Can I arm/disarm based on location? Can I trigger certain automations In SmartThings upon an alarm trigger? Also, any chance Ring/Amazon blocks this?

Thanks for writing this. Is your Ring Alarm integration still working? I followed the steps but get “{“message”:“Forbidden”}” when running the status CURL command.

Yes, you can automate fully by allowing your alarm status to change based on ST Home/Away. Check the device handler and smart apps at https://github.com/asishrs/smartthings-ringalarm/tree/master/smartthings

Yes it still works. Just changed the mode to DisArmed. Are you passing the AWS API token as part of the API call?
If you need more help, can you open an issue at https://github.com/asishrs/smartthings-ringalarm ?

Thanks. I looked through the DTH and app. I probably missed it but didn’t notice anything with regards to the alarm triggering. Does this react to an alarm triggering and setting up automations upon that trigger?

Also is this integrating with SHM?

Thanks again!

I am sorry, can you please elaborate the alarm triggering requirement. As of now, the setup can change the Ring Alarm mode based on your ST. Example, in my setup I want the Ring to be in Home mode when I trigger Good Night routine to in ST.

Regarding the SHM, no at present this is not integrated with SHM

Sure. What I mean is if the alarm goes off will this smartapp know and allow me to turn on all lights automatically for example?

Also if I still arm/disarm from the Ring app will it sync with SmartThings?


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