Ring account linking screen say page is no longer available

Hi There!

Does anybody know something about this? Is ring still supported? The page shows: 404 We’ve lost this page. The page you are looking for doesn’t exist or it has been moved.

I tested it and the Ring Login screen loaded fine for me. What region are you in? Do you have another tablet or Phone that you can test it with?

I’m in the EU region, Hungary. The strange thing is that I tested it right before my Ring Doorbell Gen 2 arrived and it worked perfectly, brought up the log-in screen. Now for some reason it wont.

Update: Tried on my wifes iphone and it’s the same. Cant add my ring doorbell.
It sais Connevction lost with Ring. You may experience issues with the integration. Than a smartthings error message pops up saying: unhandledError.