RGBW Values and custom presets stored and recalled as scenes?

It seems all the lighting apps are using the color wheel theme which is VERY inacurate for really needing to dial in a specific value across several different makers of strip lights.
What I wish for is to control each channel independently like
R 0-100
G 0-100
B 0-100
W 0-100
etc… and have those dialed in values stored with each light controller as a specific value, and recalled as a scene from the app… For example:
TV backlights zone are R-0 G-0 B-0 W-35
That would create a pure white light dimmed to 35% luminance value for a TV backlight. (Stored as TV WHITE)
Next another controller set the light value to some other color for ambient light in the room. Stored and Saved as Soft Blue.
Set a scene that recalls each preset for the two different RGBW controllers.

Anyone working on a process like this?

Though it’s a rambling discussion, you may have some luck joining the Topic below.

Basically… SmartThings Capability “Color Control” doesn’t support RGBW.

That doesn’t mean a Device Type Handler(s) and SmartApp(s) can’t do what you want, it means that there is currently no published & standard way of doing it. So your customer DTH for your strip and your SmartApp(s) won’t be compatible with anyone else’s unless you agree on doing it all the same way.


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