RGBW Led Down light with ST?

Are there any RGBW led lights in the market first of all? and are there any controllers that can work with ST?

First off, which country are you looking to purchase in? In the US, there are a couple that I know of.

The first one, considering it works with Hue, I’d venture to say it’s 99% compatible with ST.

I know for a fact that the Sylvania works with ST.

I have contacted the first one’s seller. Would need 20 of those and wanted to check on discounts. Also, this Osram one is just LED not RGBW so the first one is better. What I dont understand is, Osram is 65W where as the first one is 7W.

Duh. Sorry. Wrong link. Here’s the proper one:

As for wattages, the first one is equivalent to a 45W bulb (490 lumens), so, it averages about 7W usage. The OSRAM one is equivalent to a 65W bulb (820 lumens), so it uses about 13W (if my math is correct).

hmm, good point. I dont need my downlight to be too bright. already getting Lifx and RGBW strips :smiley:

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