RGB lightbulbs to indicate alarm status?

Is it possible to set an automation where the entrance light will turn on and turn red when the front door is opened if the system is armed and turn natural white if the system is not armed?

It depends on the exact details of your setup. Many people do something like this. :sunglasses:

But the first question is which version of the SmartThings app are you using? They have different rules engines.

And the second question is which brand and model of smartbulbs are you using?

I have no smart bulbs at this point so very open to whatever is looking best. Philips hue seems promising.

Im actually using both smartthings apps right now. I prefer the classic version because it has the "hello, goodnight " etc automations.

It would also be beneficial to know what system you are using as an alarm. ie. SHM old or new version, Smartthings ADT panel, Noonlight integration. Ect.

I have a Sylvania lightify color bulb, and 2 Sengled classic bulbs. Both have worked fine for me and integrated perfectly into Smartthings. I have been looking at Hue bulbs but I am not sure I want to start down that path just yet. It involves a bridge device and a ecosystem. I try to stay unlocked to make things easy to diversify, but that is my preference.

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side question, to the OP, if the alarm is armed and you open the front door, won’t that set off the alarm? Thus the red light is kind of extraneous?

I have an interest in this as I have a related problem. When I set the alarm for night, and wake up to let the dog out (especially in the morning as its light out), I can easily forget the alarm is on and open the back door and wake everybody on the block up).

I wanted to get a red nightlight and set that to activate when the alarm is set. Smaller than a smart bulb, since it might be on during daytime and such. Color coding it like your idea implies is even smarter…

Basically something to show the status of the alarm near the locked doors to avoid screwing up.

My suggestion in that scenerio would be to use somethink like ActionTiles with a tablet and a panel dedicated to your alarm information. That would certainly be be a good visual indicator of current status.

I use smart alarm which allows for delays.

I purchased a sengled bulb and was able to get the behaviour I wanted by just using the lighting rules app.

But I also figured out how to get the 3400X keypad beeping properly, so I am just going to use that to avoid buying all these expensive bulbs for every entry in the house. Im thinking about doing RGB lighting elsewhere in the house but may just get a RGBW led controller and strip lighting for those applications.

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Smart alarm meaning the precursor to SHM? I thought that wasn’t really being supported anymore.

take a look at the following thread (this is a clickable link). It details a number of possible options that community members have used. :sunglasses:

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It works fine for me. I use the version listed here: [RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

I dont need support, for now…

SHM has been around forever and in all that time I dont think theyve added any features.

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