Review of 2G2 Pocket Socket Dimmer (2GIG-Z-BRDG-433)

The 2G2 Pocket Socket Dimmer (2GIG-Z-BRDG-433) is on sale at Z-Wave Products for $7.99 - see

That is a Great Price for a Z-Wave Pocket Socket. It comes branded at a 2GIG by Linear Z-Wave Energy Bridge with no mention at all in the provided documentation that it will function as a dimming socket but it does work with some limitations. First, this is legacy Z-Wave, not Z-Wave Plus, so it may not be a great choice if you are buying it primarily as a repeater. I could not find a customized DTH, so it is using the generic “Z-Wave Metering Dimmer” device handler. The power metering does not seem to work at all. It simply shows -1 W of power and 0.00kWh all of the time. It does not truly shut off all power when off, so it doesn’t work with low-power LED dimmable bulbs; The first LED bulb I tried stayed on, albeit very dim, when I turned the socket off. I tried it with a non-dimmable LED, and it seems to work fine as an on/off socket with that bulb. There is probably a minimum power draw required which is not documented, so it may work fine as long as there is a high enough power load (my dimmable LED bulb is under 10 W) or with incandescent bulbs. Overall not a bad purchase but I won’t be ‘loading up’ on them even at this price.

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