Retrofitting rRF battery operated blinds with zwave relay?

Alright, so I have 4 15ft long battery operated cellular shades and i am interested in possibly making them retrofitted to speak to ST. The blinds used to be controlled using a simple up and down RF remote the size of a aeon minimote and i just had to point at the blind and push up or down. I wanted to get some ideas on how i could possibly do this automated with zwave. I am curious on what relay I should use and im thinking that i may have to solder in a relay for each motorized blind to get each one connected. ideally want blinds to open fully when my ST goes into home mode and close fully when ST goes into night mode. Plus if i can get functionallity with a aeon minimote that would be awesome as well. I am open to ideas, and thank you all.

Information on what sort of blinds these are would be helpful. Model numbers. Manf. Etc.

@codytruscott yeah found out the cellular blinds are hunter douglas power rise blinds. please let me know if you have any ideas. Much appreciated :smile:

also looks like they are duette style blinds. I am looking at possibly using this

and hooking this adapter into a zwave outlet so i can schedule up and down control.
now according to the website it can be used with duette blinds and even suggest with zwave outlet usage that powering on through zwave outlet will pull blinds up and powering off will pull blind down. let me know what you guys think. Thank you.

hmm looks like I might also need Platinum upgrade KIT for each blind(i got 4 of them) to make the rf signal put out by the above be seen by all 4 blinds.

this is the upgrade kit with new reciever(need for each blind)

and this is the rf adapter i would need:

here is a informational video on hunter douglas powerrise blinds and was helpful:

let me know if anyone has any other info that may dictate otherwise please.

it doesn’t look like you would need the platinum kit. I was trying to accomplish this with a custom shield but this looks like it would work. The manual on the adapter says you can set it to a group from the remote, the group holds multiple blind signals. You would just program the remote with the groups then use this to program the adapter.