Resource for transitioning to latest SmartThings Android app?

I have been using SmartThings with a motion sensor, leak sensor, door open/close sensor and 4 Arlo Pro cameras for several years. I use the older SmartThings widget with 3 routines: cameras on, all sensors (cameras and SmartThings devices) on, and ALL off. Works fine for me.

It’s been so long I have no idea how I set it up: devices, rooms, automations, etc. The new Android app appears to have differences to how things are to be set up, and it doesn’t offer an import.

So, is there a resource that can help me recreate my scenarios in the new app and assign those 3 commands to the widget?



Have you had the prompt to migrate? If not, it might be worth waiting as I gather the prompt was being generated “intelligently” to people who’d have the least hassle migrating according to what they had set up. The company was gradually working on auto-transitioning various apps and automations.

I’m using both apps, and you don’t need to import anything. If you make a change in the old app it is reflected in the new app. However some things if made in the new app cant be edited in the old app.

I have not received any notice to migrate. My reason for asking the question is so I can understand how to build the functionality I want by hand. In other words, manipulate the 3 sensors and 4 cameras. I can create a new “Scene” to turn the cameras on and off. But how do I create monitor on/off switches for the 3 sensors (motion, door, water)? Then, how do I put these on the widget (the scenes for the camera automatically showed up there by the way). So how do I create the functionality for the sensors OTHER than the camera for now, and integrate them into the widget?