[RESOLVED] Visionic 340 E door/window sensors not pairing

I have several of the visionic 340 E door/window sensors that have been working for years, but now I can’t get 2 new sensors to pair. The red light in the middle of the sensor just blinks 3 times fast, over and over. I have tried to reset each sensor by pressing the tamper switch, removing and reinserting the battery, and releasing the tamper switch after 4 seconds. I even unplugged the hub to restart it, but still not pairing. Anyone one else having this issue or know what to do?

Do you have a custom device handler installed for it? If yes, open the dth in IDE and save/publish it. Then reset the sensor and try to add it.

Yup, I do have the custom device handler still installed. Oh, wow, republishing and saving did do the trick! Thank you sooo much!!! =]

My recommendation which you don’t have to do - reassign all your visonic sensors to use the smartsense door/window sensor dth and delete the custom visonic DTH in IDE. :slight_smile:

But if you want to use the visonic dth, just resave it and publish again.

I did change one to the smartsense door/window sensor as a test. Eventually I will change them all over and delete the custom device handler.

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