[RESOLVED] ST cloud offline? July 30th 2019

Hi All. Is anyone stateside today experiencing issues with their hub NOT connecting to the ST cloud?
Don’t want to be yelling wolf here, yet this is somewhat concerning. Either my own hub’s gone tits up or something else is afoot…

I’ve been getting a solid blue LED for the last few hours on my v2 hub and all automation is dead in the water. According to the support article here https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/205956920-What-do-the-LED-colors-on-the-Hub-mean- solid blue means the hub is having problems connecting to the ST cloud.

I’ve checked the outbound ports mentioned in the article using portquiz.net:

Also, the ST Classic app on my phone stopped launching earlier today. It’s stuck at the blue Smartthings loading screen. I’ve tried everything up to reinstalling it, and it leads me to think this is more than local issues.

I’ve gone through all the usual troubleshooting steps of resetting the hub, and testing the internet connection. The hub pings locally, but that’s all she wrote.

Finally, it looks like I can still log in to the ST IDE. Going to My Hubs, it indeed reports as INACTIVE and it looks like last activity was around 2019-07-31 1:49 AM UTC or 6:49pm pacific time Tuesday July 30th.

Anyone experiencing the same?

All good here. I can see and control everything even while being many time zones away at the moment :smile:

All working as normal here. Sorry for your issues.

No problems here either. Shard 1

I had about an hour of flakiness… light stayed green but most automation didn’t work … the 2 things that did took a couple of minutes to fire. It resolved itself for me.

Nothing reported on the official status page:


UPDATE: July 31st. So after calling Samsung today they could only verify what I already knew; my hub is offline. Duh! Their “solution” ? - Factory Reset… If it doesn’t solve it, then buy a new hub. Here’s the rub: Either way ALL configuration including devices, smartapps and custom DTH’s will be wiped…

So I’ve got 122 devices, some virtual, 20 something custom DTH’s and you’re telling me that even though it’s all sitting in the Samsung cloud, accessible via the ST IDE, none of it can be restored into a new hub? Yes, was the answer.

All things being equal, looks like I’m dead in the water and it’s gonna be Manual Sam for a while. Only saving grace is that I migrated all my automation over to WebCore. Still it’s going to be a bitch to restore everything to working order, as I’ll probably have to update all the devices in ActionTiles as well.

I’m busy backing up all the groovy code etc. If anyone ever figures out to write a backup/restore smartapp it would be Nobel prize material.

That said, once I’m up and running again I will be looking to migrate away from ST. As someone wrote in this thread Viable alternative to ST it seems evident one shouldn’t use ST for anything important, which makes SmartThings a toy in my book. It was fun to play with, but when it ultimately breaks down and is hard to bring back, then what?

People have been asking for this since the hub was first released, but they just never have done one.

Wink is mostly cloud-based and can do it. Hubitat runs everything local and can do it. But SmartThings doesn’t. :disappointed_relieved:

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Vera Controls also has local and cloud backup. As a VeraPlus user along with Smartthings, those backups are used frequently due to the flakiness of Vera.

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Mine is all broken as of last night…i had to come to the general forums to find out as there is no announcements for explanation.

Did you sign up for notifications at status.smartthings.com? I got an email yesterday.

So… I guess it ended up in red-face than red alert. No matter: I own my mistakes and perhaps there’s a teaching moment in this, which someone else in the community might benefit from.

While I can’t be entirely sure it was the culprit, I do have a strong suspicion that it was the traffic metering I set up last month on my Netgear router, which may have caused the mayhem. Fortunately I discovered this before embarking on factory resetting the hub.

It appears I have a 1TB cap on my Cox internet connection and last month I got an alert email at 85% usage. Cox doesn’t cut you off, they just use the opportunity to bill you $10/extra GB until your roll-over date. Anyway and merry as I am, I decided to put the traffic metering on the router to good use, configuring it at 95% to blink a LED amber. Was thinking of figuring out a way to integrate it into my automation. Good intentions and all that…

So, it turns out the way Netgear implemented their alert is somewhat asinine, as they in addition to blinking said LED, dick around with the DNS settings or something, in order for the router to issue an alert in your browser. -And no, that part cannot be turned off it seems. It would probably work well if every internet connected device in your home was a web-browser, but with a ST hub - I’m guessing not so much. Anyway I’ve turned the metering off again and will keep an eye out for further issues.