[Resolved] Smarttiles - Cannot get to Change settings ; ST - crash

Has anyone having issues with Smartiles? Cannot go to change any settings under smart-apps. Web-interface still works. Every time when I try to access the smart app, and try to click to change setting, smartthings app crash. (I am using android). Anyone having same issue? Any work around? Or is this normal ST behavior, which will go away on its own after couple of days / weeks?

Check this out:

Yes, this is the same issue.

@Boruguru - please report it to support @ smartthings.com

Will report to ST

Same issue with SmartTiles when attempting to edit a dashboard. Reinstallation did not help. (I am not using Rule Machine. I do use Alexa Helper.)
Reported to support.

I’ve posted an alert on SmartTiles webpage:

###Also posted on Twitter:
(but have not updated Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Grindr, Tinder, MySpace, Slack, Craiglist, Associated Press Newswire, Reuters, etc…).


Good morning all - Looks like I am able to add/edit dashboards again and control devices from the tiles. ST seems rather “snappy” as well.


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