Resetting the hub

Just to put this thing to bed, support was able to get my hub reset, including the Z-Wave network, and I’ve spent the past couple of hours once again excluding every device in my house from the network I created yesterday and adding it to the ST hub. On a positive note, it’s all working like a charm now, and I’m hooked on alerts and actions: I’ve just ordered a whole bunch more sensors to sense ALL the things! Thanks to everyone who suggested patience, it was rewarded.


Glad to hear that you have been able to get your system working. Good luck with the various new ideas that come up. And please be sure to share them with us as you do so.

I’m looking forward to the Arduino shield. I made a complicated contraption quite a while ago to monitor various aspects of my laundry room and alert me when the washer is done, etc. ( I haven’t read the documentation yet but I’m hoping I can create a custom multilevel sensor to replace all of that, and then put the “business logic” into SmartThings scripts.


Nice, question though? Why not just use a ST Multi? Or perhaps a combination of a AEON 240V adapter, with a way to watch the pull of power on the particular circuit? Really you can make that pretty easily without re-designing the wheel.

Of course, I may be missing what you want to do here. Assuming that you are monitoring the Wash and Dryer?

Heck, You could by an AEON Home Energy meter V2, and you could monitor when power load from that circuit is high. Would take some readings to make it work. But, depending on your house and configuration one AEON HEM could do this for you. Would have to poll faster, but that should not be an issue.

Because I already have current monitoring hooked up to the washer and dryer. Yes, I could buy a bunch of off-the-shelf modules and cobble something together, but 1. I have already built this and it’s working, so that would actually be redesigning the wheel, and 2. It’s just a fun project I use to tinker with whatever new toy I’ve got.

@masto now you done gone and did it… You called it a fun project. Just makes me want to come over there and code with you

a while ago I wrote a blog post about why we build stuff. tl;dr cuz we want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad everything was sorted out.