Resetting spooky automations and devices

Ok, so I am still in the experimental phase trying to figure our where to put which bulbs, remotes and sensors and what automations to do. I have an IKEA Styrbar remote I wanted to change from controlling one bulb (IKEA Trådfri) to controlling anotjer one of the same brand. But weird things started to happen and its like old automations still operate in the background somehow and the first bulb being affected by what’s done to the other one.

I did a repairing of the IKEA Styrbar (not removing, just refunding device). But what do I need to do more to reset these devices?

The boys feel like there’s something spooky going on with the light levels going up and down randomly and bulbs turning on after I’ve turned them off…

What do I need to do to get rid of deleted automations or those that are now supposed to control another lamp? And what to do to avoid the spooky random dimming and switching on/off?

In fact, there was also a WiZ WiFi bulb in a other room that is randomly being switched off, although I’ve checked all automations. Spooky house. :melting_face:

First question: Do you have any handheld button remotes, including any of the various IKEA button devices?

These might have been set to control other zigbee devices in the same group, independent of any automations.

Yeah, it’s the IKEA Styrbar 4-button handheld remote that I tried to move from one room to another.

Not sure how to check Zigbee groups.

also, do you use Alexa and have it integrated with ST? If yes, check to see if Hunches is enabled (disable it) and check to see if that created any Routines in Alexa.

I don’t use Alexa. Live in Sweden and Amazon devices don’t support Swedish so I’ve never really looked at Alexa, although I see people mention it all the time…

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Reminds me of the Ecosmart bulb and remote combo, here in the U.S. And I think I recall that some IKEA behaved the same way.

Anyway, if the remote is Touchlink paired to a bulb, while also paired to SmartThings, I think that is when the spooky stuff starts.

I think that’s how it went, anyway. It’s been a while.

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I don’t think I have paired this remote directly to a bulb, only via SmartThings.