Resetting Color Bulbs to a specific setting after use?

I’m looking for suggestions and input on how to handle “resetting” color bulbs after use. In my SHM settings I’ve set a specific color and what I’d like is for whenever the lights get turned off for them to reset to 5500k and 100% brightness. I’ve got a webCoRE piston that’s not meeting my needs and hopefully someone can help. Currently the piston changes color of the bulbs even when they’re on (only want them to be reset if off) and cannot figure out how to reset brightness to 100% without turning light on.

I’m not picky how I accomplish this so if it’s webCoRE that’s fine and if it’s anything else that’s fine too.

Have you tried the capture and restore attributes in WebCore?

The issue is it’s Smart Home Monitor that’s changing the light attributes and wish to keep it that because of local execution. In pistons that change the color I could capture and restore attributes, but not sure if and how to do it when SHM triggers the lights.

Ah yeah know what you mean now.
Not to sure on that one ,
How about a piston like…
Changes to armed
Wait until
Bulbs changes to off
Then set the attributes you want.
Not sure whether you can set the attributes when it’s set to off though
Just a thought :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure this out? I’m running into the same issue. I want all my bulbs to turn on or flash red when an intrusion occurs. But when I go to to dismiss or turn off, I’d like bulbs to return to their previous state. I can’t simply have a routine to change color and on state bc there might be bulbs I’d like to return to off state if they were off.

I gave up. It’s one thing when you have a webCoRE piston changing the color of your lights because you can change them back SmartThings tbe end of the piston, but if you change tbe color via SHM it gets more tricky.

My biggest issue is that if I try to reset the lights back to daylight white at 100% it turns the lights back on. It’s just not very fluid.

Was just thinking though… if you gave up local processing for the intrusion trigger, the light changing could be isolated to webCoRE, right? You could have your sirens going off but handle the lighting through webcore. I’m probably going to give this a try myself.

Also, shouldn’t you be able to at least set the bulb color to daylight, and leave out the 100%?