Reset GE 12729

I bought some used switches and can’t find any documentation on how to reset… Any ideas? I can’t find it with my Hub.

i don’t think you need to reset. Just do the exclusion steps then try to include them again.

After actually looking exclusion in the app, I think I follow now. I thought it was for a paired device to tell it to unfair… I’ll give that a shot. Thank you!

It could still be “paired” with whatever the previous owner was using. That’s why exclusion may help you. :sunglasses:

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You guys are right. I had misunderstanding of what exclusion did…it seemed like it had to be part of your system to be excluded…at least taking the name at face value. I did that and it did work. Although, I did have to move the hub into the same room for it to work…once paired, it controls it just fine from the original location.


Pays to have a long Cat6 cable and extension cord when working with hardwired devices.