Reset dimmers to 100%

I have 2 dimmers that get set to 20% when we wake up. I would like to have them reset to 100% after this event. So when we tap the switch they go to full power and not just 20%. We are using aeon micro dimmers. Is there a way we can do this?

This app might help you: Dimmer on bright
There’s a bit more discussion about it here: GE Dimmer Switches: Default to full brightness?

almost but not 100% what i was looking for. After the morning I would like to set them to 100% without them turning on. So if i turn a light on during the day they are at full brightness. But i only want this action called once right after the morning “wakeup” once the sun sets and we have them at 40% power i want to keep this setting for the rest of the night. I could set a event at like 10am to have all lights turn on to 100% then at 10:01 am turn all lights off. But I would really like to skip the turn on then off part.

Most dimmers do not support this at the hardware level. They retain the dim level last set when they are turned off.

is there a way to send 100% then off command right after so they just flicker?

Yea, but easier to use the auto dimmer smartApp I wrote to manage light levels based actual outside lux.

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Yes there is. I have a modified device type for the Dimmer Switch device type. In my modified device type, I set the level of a dimmer, and immediately turn it back off. I added a command, resetLevel(value) to the device type to accomplish this. You can find it here:

This will cause the light to flicker briefly (for some bulbs), but the level will be set for the next time the light is turned on with the switch.

but will it do it everytime?

As far as I can determine, yes. I had trouble doing this with an app, it would fail to turn them off sometimes. That’s why I modified the device type. Also, I have played around with the timing. At first I used 500 ms between setting the level and turning it off. That seemed rock solid, so I decreased the time to 100 ms. So far, that seems rock solid, but I’ve only been using that timing for a few days.

Hey Bruce, the link to your smart app seems to be broken. Is this still available?

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Yes it is, sorry for the bad link. I’ll fix that.

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Bruce, I know there is a way to do this in Rule Machine but I 1) can’t find the discussion about it and 2) can figure out how to do it.
Can you help me out?


You have to use Expert Features to pull up the resetLevel command, one for each dimmer level you want to be able to set with the custom device type.

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I realize this thread is pretty old, but can this be accomplished now without the DTH just using webcore? If not, does this DTH still work? I’m using the GE 3 way dimmers. We use hall lights as a “night light” for the kids. We dim it down at night for them but would like it to automatically reset in the morning so it at full brightness when we need it.