Requesting EDGE driver to accumulate time (see post #11 for edge driver)

Don’t think it could be done with Alexa as she can’t understand the minutes, only the virtual switch, if it’s on or off. You could have an ST routine that when a certain time is exceeded then Alexa tells you, but probably you’ve thought of that

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Better yet, put an Echo device in the bathroom and have it make the announcement “You’ve been in the bathroom too long” :slight_smile:


Yep, I have the Alexa in the bathroom already. They use it to play music and I’ve trained them to set a sleep timer to alert them to get out (the music then stops). But getting them out of the bathroom is worse than trying to coax a hermit crab out of its shell.

I have the Alexa automatically announce a 15 minute warning. I don’t want to over do it (yeah right, I probably already have).

I can look at the Utiity Counter in the app and see the running time. It just would be so much easier to be able to query Alexa for the door closure running time.

Hi, would there be anyway in routines to be able to set the counter number.

My use case is I use the counter utility as countdowns to special events, I create routines that push a subtract on each of them each day, I create tiles on my dashboard themed to the occasion with the counter number embedded in them

What I was hoping to achieve is create another routine that when they get to 0 the routine will set the counter back to either 7/14/28/365 or any number of choice

I can at the moment do this manually with your updated driver by setting increments to say 365 power on to set the number and then set increments back to 1 again


I have an idea on this, although I haven’t tested it, but it’s working in my mind…

If you had a routine that activated another routine when the counter remains at zero for x amount of time. The activated routine could press the add button while the counter remained below the target number until it reaches that target number.

*might need another condition to to make the second routine active and also prevent adding a number every time the counter subtracts from the target number.

Perhaps you could use a combination of this driver and the Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc which includes the ability to set up to 5 text and 5 number fields.

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Thanks, I did try this route, it’s fine for 7 and 14 Re-sets, anything bigger the amount of key press went out of sync

Thanks, I do use that driver for other routines, it can reset based on the counter utility, but then there’s is no way to use subtract as the main counter stays at 0

I was wondering about that. Just curious, as I had contemplated doing something similar., but have you tried using the remains for x amount of time to slow the counter incrementing routine?

I know this approach is clumsy from the start, but not many options for this scenario.

Yes, I also tried SharpTools by creating a loop with 5 second intervals until it reached target number and same result (it went out sync), I can cope with manually resetting for now, hopefully I will stumble across a work around, thanks

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@TAustin This driver is great, I’ve got one running for presence detection and another clocking exterior humidity changes over a fixed time to detect sharp increases, and yet another running with Mariano’s random mirror to produce lighting to give the impression somebody’s at home. Really appreciate your work and was interested to see this update, but no way - I’m stuck on the driver of 2023-01-31. Is the problem that I’ve always got one running?

I had to reboot my hub for update to take, once updated the new features apply to newly created devices

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Good to know… I suppose having an option to designate the reset number is what we are looking for, and what you had in mind.

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This could be a useful feature, so thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look at providing a way to do this.

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Not sure why this is happening. You should not have to reboot your hub to get a driver installed. Unfortunately I think this is out of my hands and must be a platform issue. However I can suggest that if this seems to happen again in the future and you have the CLI, you can use it to manually install the driver to your hub without having to reboot:

smartthings edge:drivers:install

You’ll be prompted for the channel (you need to be enrolled via the invite) and the driver.

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This may be a great way to do this; the challenge would be to implement without breaking people’s existing automations. For that reason I might be forced to implement as a separate capability.

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I was thinking that if the default integer was zero that it wouldn’t have an impact, yet I have no idea what would be involved.

In any case, I’m sure the added utility would be well-received.

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I think I can just add a new field (capability) that would allow a specific number to be provided and keep the existing reset (to 0) pushbutton and just make it invisible on the controls screen. That way automations that use it will continue to work, but going forward people can use the newer ‘specific number reset’ field.

I’ll try to have this done in a day or two.


Those using the counter feature of this driver in automations - are you using Rules? or creating routines using the SmartThings app?

Reason for my question is that as I’m working on an update to this driver, I’ve noticed that the Create routine screens aren’t showing the counter actions for the ‘Then actions’. I don’t know if this is an iOS-only anomaly or is affecting all users?

I use your Edge counter and have had no problems building routines. I just created a counter and built 2 routines with out any problems with the “then” section. I am using a Android 13 phone.

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