Request to Reset Hub

(Robert Hudson) #1

Well I’ve heard nothing from the Support Team and I need to move forward on my own I guess.

What issues would I have if I created a new account and the added all of my devices back ?

What steps should i follow ?

(Geko) #2

You won’t be able to add your existing hub to a new account unless you get a new registration key from support.

(Dave N) #3

I had issues in the early beta days with my account being corrupt and no matter what I or ST did could bet it to work. They deleted my account and I used the same code that came with the hub.

(April Wong) #4

@hondohudson , Sorry for the delay : seems to be a perfect storm of a mess, today. It seems however, that you have gotten a semi-response from the support team on your other thread. They’ll be assisting you as soon as they can.

(Robert Hudson) #5

Well in my book momentarily means within minutes and it’s been hours since they stated it would be fixed momentarily.

Karl just knocked your 98% satisfaction rate down afew notches Tyler1

Cant they just delete me out of the database and send me a “new key” so I can reinstall everything.

We are now at almost three days !

(Tyler) #6


I’m really sorry for the trouble. As April mentioned response times are much longer than usual this week (it really has been the perfect storm). A couple team members are at conferences (e.g. Mobile World Congress), and we had multiple new support technicians start yesterday. We’re trying to get them up and trained as quickly as possible, but right now it’s resulting in longer response times as we get them up and running.

It sounds like you found a workaround yourself–sorry we didn’t do a better job helping you. Due to the “perfect storm” we’re updating our auto-response to acknowledge the increased response times for the next couple days. The bug you ran into appears to require a cloud update to fix the root issue. In the interim, it looks like you’ve found a viable workaround. I’m not privy to all the details of how it was fixed, but I’d love to hear so we can help others if they run into this.

(Tyler) #7

Just an update:

Our development team pushed a hot fix for this about 45 minutes ago. Users that are still experiencing the problem can contact support and we’ll run a script to fix it. New users should no longer run into the problem.

FWIW Karl has been running around like crazy this week in the office trying to get resolution on the problem. Just turns out it wasn’t as easy as it would seem to fix (as it required a cloud-push). Thanks @karl!

(Robert Hudson) #8

Just a update.

I spent thus morning reinstalling an app (RainMachine) took me about an hour to reinstall it after I found a way to delete it from my devices.

Notified Karl & April that I had found a way to resolve the issue and asked them to withdraw my request to either fix the database or delete my account. April responded telling me she would notify Support and expressed her regrets for the problem.

Just now I went into the app and low and behold someone had deleted the RaiMachine app it took me days to repair without any assistance from support just excuses and apologies.

Now I must reinstall this once again.

Right now my rating for your support team is in the tank.

Love the system - kinda peeved at the support team right now.

Off to reinstall Rainmachine - hopefully your team won’t delete it again.

(Tyler) #9

Because you were the first to report the problem the engineering team ran a script to fix the issue on your account as soon as they found the root cause (per the original request). April reported it as fixed per your chat, but it looks to have been too late, as the engineers had already jumped on the problem.

I always hate to hear about bad experiences that involve my team. All I can say is on the other side of the computer screen, I see a team of really smart, dedicated people working hard to improve the platform, company and customer experience. No less than eight people from SmartThings collaborated (from community to cloud to support) to fix this issue. Hopefully the next ST user’s experience is better as a result of the pain you’ve gone through.

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(Robert Hudson) #10

Its good

I waited 2 hours after reporting that I had fixed it before I re-installed the App.

I’m back in business.

(Tyler) #11

Glad to hear it. Here’s to smoother sailing…

(April Wong) #12