Request: Show Scenes above Devices on Dashboard

The whole point of scenes is to group devices. So it would make a lot more sense if they were listed above the long list of devices. Or at least if you could get to them quickly. (And trust me, if you depend on voice navigation and have to listen to everything being read out before you can actuate it, it’s an even bigger issue. :rage:)

Samsung SmartThings, devices first.


Apple HomeKit, scenes first.


Lutron. Devices and scenes appear on different tabs.



You can move the scenes module on the home screen by selecting the three dot menu on the top right of the home screen then selecting ‘Edit.’ In the resulting menu you can click and hold a module (such as scenes) then reorder them.

Personally, I like mine just under the STHM panel.


You can personalized you ST screen. ST → 3 dots → change.

Maybe you can (move them). :wink:

Using voiceover I can get to the screen. The text labels are really confusing (there are multiple fields that say “table level check C” and I have no idea what those fields are. There are also multiple fields that say “chevron.“ Again, I don’t know what those are for.)

There is a selection field on the scenes module that says it is draggable, but the voice navigation doesn’t work, as soon as I try to drag it it switches focus to a different field. :disappointed_relieved:

I was actually wondering how voiceover worked (or didn’t) in your case. So technically they’re move-able, and ST has (yet another) accessibility issue.

I’d venture to say there’s zero accessibility testing at all in the automated test suite (I’m assuming they’re using automated testing and proper devops practices too - but… well.)