Request: open source the Android app

Im an Android developer and I’d love to be able to tweak my app or contribute bug fixes. Any thoughts to open sourcing the mobile app?

Have you asked Wink, Nest, Kuna, Alexa, Vera, Insteon, Hue, … ?



There is a serious misconception here in the ST community forum that SmartThings is an open-source platform… The platform is open enough to let developers add custom smartapps and DTHs, but it’s definitively not an open-source platform.

Amongst others, none of the critical cloud or local platform code is exposed to the public, and that’s fine to me. The ST mobile app’s code will probably stay “closed” to public eyes as well as any Samsung proprietary DTHs and smartapps.

In brief, the ST platform is not openHab…

For all the FOSS aficionados out there, I’d suggest to look at openHab if you would choose an open-source platform rather than ST.



We may have an open-source smartwatch app in the near future, if that interests you.