Request Google Home to trigger Webcore Piston?


I am new GH.
Anyone has experience on requesting GH to trigger WebCore piston?

My idea is about GH --> WebCore piston (direct intergration) or GH --> IFTTTT --> WebCore (workaround) ??
I have do some research in this community about Webcore trigger IFTTT, could we do like IFTTT trigger WebCore?


I would accomplish this by creating a simulated switch. Piston triggers off switch and you tell GH to turn on switch. Actually, maybe a simulated button would work, but not sure if you can have GH push a button. If not you can have a second piston turn the switch back off

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This can be done easily with a simulated switch or button in WebC0RE.
Pop on over here and search for examples.

Thanks, I have installed Google home helper for simulated switch.