Request for 5 way dimmer solution

I have two LED lights controlled by 4 On/Off switches. The set up appears to be 2X three way switches and 2X four way switches. . As far as I can tell it looks like there is ground available in each box and it looks like neutral is roughed into each box. I am looking for a good dimmer solution. Please advise. Thank you.

If you want to use physical traveler wires, there are several options that can handle a five way as long as there is a neutral at each box to power the radio.

The popular GE Zwave dimmer switches have an official integration with smartthings and can handle up to four auxiliary dimmer switches with one master.

Alternatively, you can create a “virtual 4-way” by using any auxiliary switches that are recognized as independent devices by smartthings. The auxiliary communicate to your SmartThings account which then communicate to the master. So you can have as many auxiliaries as you want in that set up, but the downside is that if the smartthings cloud/hub is unavailable, the auxiliary switches won’t work. If instead you use the ones that have a physical traveler wire, they will always work just like a regular dumb switch does as well as having smart capabilities.

One other Alternative which does have official smartthings integration Is a lutron Caseta master with their pico remotes as auxiliaries. These do not require physical traveler wires, but will work even if the smartthings cloud/hub is not working. You can have up to 10 picos for each Master. But you would have to have the Lutron smartbridge to get SmartThings integration.

I like the Lutron devices a lot and use them in my own house. So it just depends what you are looking for. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

BTW, I am assuming that you do have a smartthings hub. If not, you would have to look at other options than the GE. But the Lutron can be used completely independently of smartthings so it’s always a candidate.

Zooz ZEN27 dimmer supports 3-, 4-, and 5-way without replacing anything except the switch with the line.



As long as you have a neutral in one of the boxes with the 3-way switches, you should be able to use the ZEN27 dimmer here, it will probably be the easiest installation and the most affordable product here. We also offer custom wiring instructions if needed :slight_smile:

What we’re looking at above is a picture from a 4-way switch so the white wires you might have interpreted as neutrals are actually your traveler wires. It looks like the black wires connected together are carrying power or load to the last box.

Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions, Zooz is our in-house brand.

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