Request: Edge Drivers for Aeotec Smart Switch 6 and and Multisensor 6

Ha. That was exactly the reason I bought them, but unfortunately have proven completely useless for that purpose

You could try using the Z-Wave Switch edge drivers. Its been working ok so far for me on the Smart Switch 6.

Is there other functionality/features when using the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 edge drivers? The Z-Wave Switch edge drivers does what i need currently which is monitoring power meter and energy consumption. Just curious what added features I’ll get with using the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 edge drivers.

I tried to use z-wave switch driver, but it does not update the power usage.
It only update when I refresh the page, or on/off the switch.

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that’s weird. i’ve been checking mine when the washing machine is being used and it does update when it comes to the power meter and energy consumption. i even left the app open when i know my washing machine changes cycle as the power fluctuates. i wonder if your firmware version is different to mine.

I have 2, and they both do exactly the same as this.

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Hi CommanderQ - these are awesome! Thanks

I installed your edge driver for the Illumino Dimmer - everything works, except the LED Indicator setting : “Inverse of power state”. I don’t know if this is a driver issue or hardware issue.

Hi @RedTx !

I’m glad the drivers are useful. :smile: Funny enough, I just had to replace some old z-wave switches with new Illumino dimmers and I ran right into this same scenario, so I have it fresh in my mind and it’s an easy fix. You’ll just need to update the firmware of your Illumino dimmer switches following the Aeotec instructions.

The firmware that ships with the switches - in the ones I just installed, at any rate - is 1.05, which doesn’t include the “inverse” option for the indicator. That feature is included in 1.07 or later (the latest is 1.11), so a little update will get you squared away.

Hi @RebelMagpie !

Sorry for the slow response - your question had me watching my SmartSwitch 6 through the holidays while it was connected to my Christmas tree lights. I did see some inconsistent behavior with energy reporting, though I didn’t narrow down an exact cause. If you change the reporting threshold settings for the switch - either lowering the percentage change or watt values - does that change the reporting frequency at all, by chance?

Thank you very much.

Mine was at 1.05 and I upgraded straight to 1.11. It works great! I just wish SmartThings would allow OTA from the hub instead of having to exclude it, use the Z-stick and then re-include.

Thanks for your help

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Hi @CommanderQ , unfortunately it doesn’t. I have tried many combinations. Do you have any setting recommendations I should try?

Hmmm… :thinking: No suggested settings yet, @RebelMagpie . To narrow the field a little, do you happen to remember whether the Smart Switch 6 was reporting regular (useful) energy usage updates before the change over to Edge drivers? Or did it behave this way before the Edge drivers came along?

I can’t say I paid very close attention to the energy reporting on my Smart Switch 6 at any point, so I can’t use my own experience and switch to help. It’s hard to tell whether this might be a quirk with the firmware or something special I need to accommodate with the driver, but your insight may help. :smile:

Thanks for the Smart Switch 6 driver. I have SmartThings linked to Google Home and there’s a small bug which pertains more to Google’s platform than to SmartThings, but FYI; since changing to your driver - Google Home now thinks these switches are a different device type (bulbs) and has put them in the lighting groups in the GH mobile app. Not your problem, but exposing the light controls of the outlet seems to have confused Google Home’s device type classification.

Hi Mike @CommanderQ , any chance you’d be willing to take a crack at a custom driver for the Aeotec Siren/Doorbell 6? There are many here unhappy with the generic ST driver as it is quite honestly practically useless with these two devices. The previous custom dth was built by krlaframboise.

I bought them both about 6 months ago. Have always been on your edge driver, not DTH, so I don’t know how they would have behaved.

That’s interesting @Dennis - I had no idea that Google Home categorized devices in quite that way. That seems similar to the way the SmartThings app categorizes devices to make particular icons available. I’ll squint a bit at the driver definition to see what kind of gentle suggestions I can give the associate systems - it wouldn’t surprise me if the order in which device capabilities were defined could influence the way systems categorized the device. I’ll try to play with it a little bit and see what happens. :smile:

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Hi @troy_owens ,

I’ve added that to my project list. :smile: Would I be correct in assuming that the enhanced functionality you’re after (in contrast to the stock SmartThings edge driver) is the collection of advanced settings? That driver looks quite interestingly nuanced and the siren looks like quite a powerful and feature-rich device.

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Thank you. Looking forward to it

@CommanderQ Thanks for taking the time to help.
Yeah, I’m not sure why the device type category is being misidentified by Google - certainly not expected behavior. I could quickly fix the problem if the Google Home app would allow us to edit the device type and/or separate the device from an incorrectly assigned device group. But neither modification option is possible from within the GH app.

Sorry for the long wait @Dennis - I’ve added a GitHub issue to keep this on my radar and try to adjust some of the metadata settings. I’m hoping to get to this list soon, including working on the Siren 6. :smile:


No problem, I understand that we all have other stuff going on in our lives.
Thanks for the update. :+1: