Replacing traditional 3 way switches (single Vs all of them)

New to home automation. Purchased Smarthing Hub 2nd Generation. I have 4 traditional switches at various places in my home controlling 4 light fixtures around the house (On/Off). I intend to control these light fixtures using Smartthing app (/internet).

Initially I thought that I would just need to replace ONE of the existing traditional switches with ZWave switch (e.g. GE Smart Switch) and then leave rest of the traditional switch (3 out of 4) as is. If I can control the smart switch using Smartthing app, it would achieve same function as if I am using one of the 4 switches. In other words now I have 4 wall mount switches (3 traditional + 1 Smart Switch) that can toggle the light fixtures and in addition I can do the same function using App.

Then I came across something call GE “Add On” Smart Switch and that confused me little bit. Do I need to use these switches? i.e. Replace 4 traditional switches with 1 Smart Switch + 3 Smart Add On Switch. Or there is no need for me to use replace remaining traditional on/off Switches with Smart Add on Switches?


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Fortunately, there’s an FAQ for exactly this topic. This should help. ( this is a clickable link.)