Replacing Insteon Motion Sensors - Please Advise

Revolv ex-patriot looking for a suitable replacement for my beloved Insteon 2842-222 Wireless Motion Sensors. I’ve had these for awhile and just love them. Incredibly reliable, I literally have never had a problem with a single one of them, but most of all, flexible. My main concern being the lack of a “motion-off or recycle time” that is under 4 minutes. With the Insteon, you can have that set down to a minute for a quick cycle of the lights when popping into a room. I also really appreciated the night only mode and the ability to set the range of pickup. For reference:

Are there any SmartThings compatible sensors that I might be overlooking that offer the same or similar functions as noted above? What has your personal experience been with ST motion sensors? Any suggested work arounds for the longer recycle time?


The first gen ST branded sensors are about a minute and the new ones are 12 seconds. The aeotec multis seem to be about 30 seconds.

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I now have several of the 2nd-gen SmartThings motion sensors controlling lights around my house. I’m very happy with them. One reason I went with them is that many of the Z-Wave sensors seem to have delays. My only complaint is that the sensitivity isn’t adjustable. Mine were detecting my cats until I put a little bit of tape on the very bottom of the “eye”. I will eventually replace the tape with some white paint so that it blends in better.

I found that white nail polish didn’t work reliably, but did the trick.

@Allison thank you for the tip. My cats are constantly setting the darn thing off

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