Replacing IKEA Fytura "dead battery" buttons with Aqara buttons

For all of you experiencing the pain of dead batteries in your IKEA Zigbee buttons. I have replaced a few of mine with Aqara buttons and one Aqara “magic cube”. There are pros and cons.

First pairing. As others have posted there is no native driver for the Aqara buttons (or cube) you have to use IDE to install a custom driver. For the Aqara button the best driver for me is
( bspranger / Xiaomi)

Install that first.

For me to pair I put the new smartthings app in to “search nearby mode” and then repetitively pressed the link button on the Aqara until you get the “three quick blinks”. I could never get the new app to identify the button or the cube but it would “silently” add them into the unassigned room as a “thing” with a random driver (after reporting that it found nothing or it reported that it found a TV)… back to IDE and you can edit the “Thing” give it a meaningful name, assign it to a group and most important change the driver to the one you added above… it will be near the bottom of a long list of drivers. My buttons were often added by the smartthings app as a 2015 Samsung TV! (When Smartthings gets confused it runs home to Mama?!)

The buttons are almost the exact same size as the IKEA buttons I am replacing. They are not magnetic but some double sided tap and they will mount in the metal bases that the Ikea buttons used.

Range is EXCELLENT and work way better (>50’ through walls, without a repeater) where the IKEA buttons would need a repeater for reliable clicks.

Once the right driver is running, programming automation is as you would expect. Though I never could get the double press to work… But “press” works and “held” works too. Smatthings automation understood both of those.

The Cube is similar to above… the Driver that worked for me is ClassicGOD : Xiaomi Magic Cube Controller. Like the buttons Smartthings was unable to identify it natively… Same process… press link button until you get 3 blinks then “edit” the unidentified “Thing”

The cube is supposed to support all kinds of cool options … flips, rotates. banging, tapping, shaking, sliding. ( Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge). The driver and Smartthings can see it rotate, but the new app and native Smarthings only seems to register “shaking” as a button press for automation… It works but Smartthings doesn’t understand all of the options from the driver and it is crippled from a 7+ button device to just one.

In my house the cube is about 30’ from the hub but it is separated by a concrete floor and at least one drywall wall… So far good battery life and reliable triggers.

So far they work,
Better range
No battery drain (so far)
Perfect physical replacement for IKEA “toggle” buttons

Technically complicated pairing process
Limited support from Smartthings Automation
No Multiple button press
Battery’s are different size again an will be a pain to replace on the buttons mounted to the walls with double sided tape.
Documentation from Aqara is useless.

Appreciate the info. I also used Aqara devices including buttons for some time but experienced repeated disconnection issues, starting after some days/weeks. It works but not reliably. Please keep us posted and perhaps share an update in 1-2 months.

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Well I am almost a month in on the Aqara buttons… And I continue to be impressed. No battery issues, they held their pairing. Excellent range without repeaters.

Update 4 1/2 months in… Battery reads >90% charged. (on multi-meter full 3.0V) Last night SmartThings disconnected from the device (or the device disconnected from SmartThing) .

Put SmartThings into pair mode… Long press the reset button (a few times) and the button is back to normal.

So one re-pair needed after almost 5 months… I’m OK with that. Better than the 3 day battery life on the IKEA buttons.

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