Replacing Devices Question

I have a couple existing schlage door locks that need to be replaced (unresponsive keypads). Is the easiest / best way to do this by utilizing the “replace” function on the edit device menu in the mobile app? Or am I better off to add a new device? I have done this before as a new device and it is a real PITA as I have to force delete the old lock everywhere since its keypad does not work. Would “replace” eliminate this issue?

I searched this site and the smartthings support pages but couldn’t find any documentation on the “Replace” function. Is it straight-forward? Does anyone know the step by step process?


Here is my suggestion:

  1. Pair the new lock
  2. Name the new lock the same name as your old one appended with “new”
  3. Go into the old lock and view the smart apps it is in and go into each smartapp and select the new lock for that app.
  4. Once you have done that for all apps and the old lock is not associated to any smartapps then delete it.
  5. Rename new device to match the old device name

Its very straight forward, in stead of adding a new device, you replace it and all the smartapps stay in place. The steps to replace are the same as paring, except you use the replace button instead of the new device button.

@slagle - if you have several smart apps associated this can be a little onerous. I have not used the replace function yet. Are you recommending this because the replace is not a great way to do it?

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This is just the way I like to do it :smile:

Personal preference.