Replacing Aico Smoke Alarm with ST compatible siren/smoke?

Presently I’ve got an Aico Smoke Alarm which is hardwired into the kitchen (Ei141rc), it was too close to the oven and went off all the time so I’ve taken it down, however the base unit is still on the ceiling. I was thinking it would be an ideal place for a siren for my security system.

So, the question I had was, are there any sirens that can simply plug into the aico hardwired base unit? Not sure if its a standard fitting across a number of brands perhaps?

If not, are there any smart smoke alarms that could act as a siren using an automation, that would plug into it?

Should all that fail, I guess I’ll just take it down, if I do that are there any mains powered ST sirens I should consider replacing it with?