Replacement for Integrated Microwave Lights

I would like to replace a microwave LED panel with a dry contact switch that will trigger under cabinets lights (preferably integrated with Hue). The microwave has an Off/High/Low button press sequence when pressing the light button. Here is a picture of the LED and the connector. The Hue Wall Switch looks like a possibility but I am not sure how the Low/High settings work. Could be digital and processed on that board, or line voltage dimming. Any ideas?

The hue wall switch is battery powered and it’s usually a bad idea to add anything battery powered in any kind of microwave modification. and it’s always tricky to do any kind of microwave modification, there are just a lot of case integrity issues.

Speaking just for myself, if it was me, I would just add a battery powered button somewhere nearby. A lot of people have put them right under the counter edge for this kind of usage.

As far as the hue switch itself, it’s not voltage controlling at all. The whole idea of it is to leave steady voltage to the Smart bulbs and add the module, which is battery powered, to communicate with a hue bridge. It goes inside the wall behind the existing switch, but it’s not on the circuit branch. so it works just like any hue dimmer works.