Replace GE ZWave wall switches with GE ZWave Plus wall switches

I have about a dozen GE ZWave wall switches and all are working fine. They were the Iris branded ones from Lowes.
Is there any benefit to replace them with ZWave plus models?

If they’re working, not really. Replace them as they die or if you need a device with special features.

If it aint broke… Don’t fix.


Yes, you get two extra buttons per switch. Double tap up and down which can be used to trigger whatever. There are other brands that offer more like 3-5 taps up and down for even more. The Inovelli Red SmartSwitches even have the ability to change LED colors for visual confirmations…

I’ve changed my main switches so that when someone double taps down, everything in the room turns off.

Here’s an example of utilizing the extra features of the Plus models:

Here’s another one where if the light and iron is on and I double tap up, then Alexa plays my Flash Briefing. So freaking cool!

I think you meant Inovelli ;). Autocorrect no doubt.


The one real difference is plus automatically reports the switch status where as non plus you have to poll the switch from the hub to check if it’s on/off.

I notice this with my non plus switch in my garage. The hub will shows in on when it’s really off on occasion.

Speed and status updates. The less you rely on SmartThings to poll your devices the faster your automation works. Instant status update is a nice bonus, especially if you use automation when physical switch is turned on…But if you must replace them I recommend going with Zigbee…

Learned something new. Most of mine are zwave plus, but I didn’t know that.

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Good old fashion typo. :rofl:

Fixed. Thanks!

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Oh well. I saw the one day 29% sale that Jasco is having today. Looking for an excuse to upgrade but I think I will pass for now.