Replace CPI

I am looking to replace CPI tablet that is hanging on the wall. I have a few questions like is there a smartthings hub that can give the same functionality? Would now control all this through the Smartthings app or Alexa/Google app?

ActionTiles does many of the things the CPI tablet does and integrates with SmartThings. Check it out at

So you buy the ActionTiles and a Hub? Once I get all the A-Wave things connected up where will all the alerts and actions be done in the smartthings app?

Alerts and actions can be done through the app, but ActionTiles also allows you to perform certain actions and visually see alerts.
As examples, when my sump pump turns on, there is a tile in ActionTiles that lights up to show me it triggered. I can see when any of my doors is open and I can set my thermostat temperature and modes.

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