Replace a 4-switch plate?

In my house it seems like 75% of the lights downstairs are controlled from one wall. There are 8 switches in two 4-switch boxes. Are there any products that could replace these with smart switches without having to put an individual switch into each spot? In other words, keep the 4 switches, but have one controller talking back to the hub rather than 4 controllers.

The short answer is no. If each of the switches controls a different load, you need something smart on each branch or you can’t control them individually.

However, you can get in wall micros, and put one at each ceiling fixture if that meets your requirements better. You would probably have a hard time getting four of them to fit into the switchbox, otherwise you could put four of them there.

If the switches run off the same load and then split, There are also a few dual relays meant to control two switches from one line in and you might be able to get by with two of those.

So it just comes down to the details. Is there a reason you didn’t want to just replace each of the four switches? Aesthetics or cost or?

Honestly just thinking if you could consolidate the “brains” of the smart switches into one module it would save space in the gang box. More of a just “how will I make it all fit”?