Repeated signon requests when using Chrome 52?

When I use the SmartThings IDE the past few days, I am repeatedly sent to the SmartThings login screen. This started happening right about the time I upgraded Chrome to v52, so I suspect that’s related, but has anyone else encountered this problem? Either the repeated logins happening with something OTHER than Chrome 52, or you’re using Chrome 52 with no problems?

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This pretty much describes what I’m encountering. What browser & version are you using?

Sounds like it might be a SmartThings API issue; I’ve had problems with SmartTiles suddenly throwing a “not authorized” screen after I’ve been away from it for a few minutes.

It’s always been true that if you have two tabs open that both use sign on authorization, such as a dashboard and the IDE, you will keep getting signed out. I don’t know if your updating chrome is now causing something similar, or if you also had a second tab open. Or if you’ve run into something completely different.

Read the other thread for details. (The title is a clickable link.) there are some people there using chrome, so they may be able to say more.


Seems to fit 100%. Thanks.

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I am observing exact same thing when I am trying to run Smart Tiles and CoRE dashboard side by side. They bump each other out.

This problem is resolved in next generation SmartTiles V6 which no longer uses local SmartThings IDE login sessions.