Repeat reminder in ST

Is there a way to set up an automation in ST, without creating multiple automations, to have a repeat reminder sent when a door is open for X mins until the door is closed?

My goal
IF garage stays open for 30 mins
THEN send notification every 30 mins until garage is closed

If you have access to rboy apps check out this app which has customizable repeat reminders (and the option to skip the first one, i.e. notify after)

@RBoy Do we know if these are still going to be available whenever they decide to kill the IDE? And can you still play Alexa notifications or do you need a si.ulated switch?

You can also use automations now:

  1. Create a virtual or simulated switch or choose a light in your house for this purpose. You can name it “Reminder” for example.
  2. Automation:
  • IF door X is open for “y” minutes AND switch “Reminder” is “off” THEN switch “Reminder” turn “on” + turn it off after “z” minutes + Send Notification “door X is open…”

You can also add the ** precondition “location mode” = away, night or home**

In this way, it sends you the first notification after “y” minutes of being door open and the following every “z” minutes, if the door is still open

UPDATE: If when your garage door is opened the garage light turns “on” and goes “off” after x minutes, you can use that same light in the previous automation instead of creating a virtual one.

When the light goes out and the door remains open, it will send you the first notification and subsequent ones until it is closed.

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Thanks! Was looking for something like this for my washing machine when it is done.
I think I got it…

My washing machine is on for at least 1h15
Power usage is less then 2w (sometimes during a load it goes under 2w)
Door sensor is closed
Virtual switch is off

Send report “Laundry is done”
Turn virtual switch on and auto off after 15min

I think that would mean I will get the first report after about 1h30 (because then the laundry is usually done) and a repeat report every 15 min. Sounds right right?

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I have a washer and dryer notification that you can use if you want my washers draws 2W when the door is locked, and drops to 1.3W when it unlocks at the end of the cycle.

Washer Notification

Looks complicated :open_mouth:
You have a whole lot more parameters in your home.
I’m alone and sometimes forget to take the wash out, this is just a notification for me to get off my ass and hang the clothes.