Repeat Notifications when Sensor Remains Open

I have Zooz open close door sensor that is currently set up to send a notification if the sensor is opened between 5pm and 5am. The issue that I have is that I would like additional notifications if the sensor remains open. I have tried additional routines to initiate another notification but it appears that if the sensor has remained in the open position, I will not receive additional notifications. Ideally I would like to receive a notification every 10 min or so until the sensor is closed. Is this possible and how do I do it?

You need to have something that tracks the state of the device periodically since it’s not changing to trigger another notification.

So, create a virtual momentary button device, let’s call it “Gate Timer” with an auto-revert of 10 minutes. Then in the routine for the first notification add an additional action to turn on the virtual device.

Now add a second routine with a precondition of “Gate is open” with a trigger of “Gate Timer” = “On for 10 mins” with an action of “Send Notification” and “Turn on Gate Timer”.

By using the virtual momentary button, every time the second notification is sent, the virtual device gets turned on again and the auto-revert is reset.


And thinking about it a little further, in the second routine you might be able to use a precondition of “Gate is open” with a trigger of “Gate Timer” = “Off” that would handle the race condition of the auto-reverting at 10 mins while testing the duration the virtual device has been on.

Routine 1:
‘Gate’ open
Notification #1
Turn on ‘Gate Timer’

Routine 2
‘Gate’ open (precondition)
‘Gate Timer’ off
Notification #2
Turn on ‘Gate Timer’

Set virtual momentary switch ‘Gate Timer’ to revert after time lapse in between two notifications

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Thank you for the assistance. I will do some additional research to try to implement this.

Oh yeah, forgot to include turning on the virtual switch again to reset the auto-revert time. That what happens when you multi-task too much :slight_smile: Thanks!


“Left it open” was a Groovy SmartApp for just such a scenario, although I don’t think it offered repeat notifications. Bruce’s suggestions below should work immediately, but here’s another thread looking for a similar solution that would also offer repeat notices.

I have attached the routines and would like someone to review for correctness. I have not tested as I am not sure I have done it correctlty

(Attachment Routine Pics.pdf is missing)

I have attached the routines and would like someone to review for correctness. I have not tested as I am not sure I have done it correctlty

For ‘Gate Switch’ use virtual momentary switch so that it automatically turns off after 10 mins (you have to set timer in setting). Alternatively, you have to add ‘Turn off after 10 mins’ to it in first routine (last line) and remove 10 mins from Gate Switch in 2nd routine (trigger).
As you can see in your routines above, the first routine will run fine and turn on gate timer alongwith notification. The 2nd routine will wait for 10 mins for Gate Switch to stay off but the missing link is how will Gate Switch turn off. So either add turn off time.

I’ve been thinking more about this and there seems to be two methods that will work.

1 - Use a virtual momentary button switch and set the delay setting to the number of seconds you want to recheck if the gate is still open. Don’t use the Turn Off After feature of the routine.

2 - Use a standard virtual switch and use the Turn Off After feature of the routine to determine when to recheck if the gate is open.

Either will achieve the goal of turning off the virtual switch so you evaluate whether the gate is still open or not.

Here are my notification routines:

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That is exactly what I said, viz two methods

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I tried to replicate your routines but was unsuccessful during testing. I am not finding the settings menu that you demonstrate. Not sure if that is due to App version? I am using Smartthings via Iphone. I have attached my revised routines as well as a timer menu that is accessible on the virtual switch. Can you please review and see what I’m missing. I appreciate the assistance you have provided.

taustin has a momentary button edge driver. shows that menu.

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The ‘settings’ shown are for ‘Gate Switch’ which is a virtual momentary switch

Specifically, the virtual momentary switch from vEdge Creator from @TAustin.

Thanks guys the automation is working as I requested your expertise and assistance are greatly appreciated.

I do have another question. I tried to replicate routines in Alexa without success. The main difference in Alexa would be an announcement instead of a text message. Is there a community or suggested resource where I can inquire with other users for assistance?

A bit of a pain because Alexa can’t have multiple triggers nor pre-conditions, but you could create another virtual momentary switch to trigger Alexa to make an announcement (let’s call it Alexa Gate Notify). Add another action in your routines that make the announcements to turn on “Alexa Gate Notify” and create an Alexa routine to make the announcement when that sensor opens. For this virtual switch, leave it at the default auto-revert delay of 2 seconds since you are only using it to signal Alexa to make the announcement.