Repair a ET-WV525

My ST ET-WV525 died is there any one or anywhere that can repair it. If they can will it destroy the connections or will I have to reconnect all my switches

Can you define “died”? Does that mean it is no longer powering up or simply not working and displaying offline in the app or something else?


No longer powering up

Unfortunately Samsung does not offer any type of repair for the hubs. I just wanted to verify it was not something that could be fixed with community support if it was a different issue.

Do check the power cord and associated power outlet to verify there isn’t an issue there.


I have another hub but I am not sure the steps to disassociate the Z Wave Switchs from dead hub and add to new hub. Are there any suggestions on articles I could use to educate myself on the subject?

Unfortunately, the hub replace utility does not work with your model hub so you are going to manually remove and add each device individually to your other hub.

Is the other hub set up and working?

If it is, you can go to it in the ST app, tap on the 3 dots, select Settings and then choose z-wave utilities. For each z-wave device you will need to perform z-wave exclusion…. Put the hub in exclusion, perform a task on the z-wave device to complete the removal. Then you can add it to the other hub. You can also use z-wave exclusion from the Advanced Web App under the Hub section and open the other hub.

Oh, you may want to remove your old hub in AWA and install any custom Edge drivers on the other hub.

Z-wave exclusion can be done on any hub with any z-wave device whether or not it is connected to another hub or dead hub.

Thank You :+1: :+1: