Reordering Routines

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this; but you can’t reorder routines on the UI from the App (at least on Android).

The routine order is also locked on the Android Phone Widget; which resulted in me adding a new routine to unlock my front door but being at the bottom of a scroll list on the phone widget, making it difficult to use.

I had to work around this by deleting all other Routines and effectively starting again just so I could make my primary widget at the top.

Why can’t we just drag and drop the routines on the screen to change their location? (or is there a secret way to reorder that I’m just not aware of?)


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I believe they’re listed in alphabetical order. So you can rename them and they will re-order. If your new routine was called “unlock” for example, it would be near the end of the list. If it was called “abracadabra” it would be near the top. :wink:


Alternatively, you can create your own order. 1. Unlock; 2. Abracadabra. …


Thanks guys, that makes sense and working; welcome back to the 90s :wink:


Yes, this is a limitation of the app. If it helps, preceding the name with a period will place it at the beginning of the list, and an underscore will place it at the end of the list.


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