Reorder and rooms apply to all

Just spent awhile reorganizing and recording home screen on iPad. Is there a way to make it reflect on other devices? My iPhone still shows previous rooms and order. Seems like it should update maybe it’s something simple. Thanks

In the Samsung Connect app that is by design. It’s per device.

Is there a way to change that? I’d like to only make room changes once and have it reflect everywhere if possible. Thanks

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Unfortunately, no.

The SmartThings Classic app does keep it synced across devices but in Connect there is no option.

Humbly submit that you might find ActionTiles to be useful for your situation, as the web based Panel (dashboard) Configurations are shared on all devices to which you login to.

And you can have unlimited Panels define, including the same Device on more than one Panel (or even multiple times on the same Panel for convenience), and even Devices from multiple SmartThings Accounts and/or Locations/Hubs.

Free full-featured trial for 14-Days…

Take a look at web dashboard. As you make changes to a dashboard on one device, those changes will instantly sync over to other devices and the changes are immediately reflected!

All new accounts receive a free 14-day premium trial and will automatically revert to the Free tier (if you choose not to keep premium, of course!)

Gee… Exactly what ActionTiles has done for 2½ years. :thinking: