Removing CR2 Battery from Open/Closed Sensor

This seems like a silly problem to have, but I’m having trouble removing the CR2 battery from my Smartthings Open/Closed sensors. I have about 5 of them and I’m trying to replace the batteries with new ones. So far I have pulled the black “strap” on two of them, only to have the strap break off. Before the straps broke, they popped the battery out slightly but not enough to get a grip and pull it the rest of the way.

I’m able to pry up one side with my fingernail or with a plastic pick; but the battery is too fat to pop out from one side only. It looks like I need something that can grasp both sides at once and pull strait out.

Anyone have any tricks for removing these batteries? For the ones that I have left with straps intact, should I use a combination of the strap and another “tool”?

I was having a hard time removing this at first also. It’s very poorly design for sure. The trick is to pry a little at a time on both end of the battery while keeping the black strap firm but don’t pull the strap too much or it will break off.