[REMOVED] Nest Manager v2.5

Can you send me a Screenshot please?

I tried to remove everything and readd it, now I can’t get passed this

Damn it… That’s because of the android client bugs. I completely forgot about that. Do you have an ipod or ipad you can use to do the initial setup?

No only Android

Okay It took a while but I was eventually able to choose my location. And the complete uninstall and reinstall fixed the fan

I’m sorry i have tickets in to support but completely forgot about the issue.

At line 262 of the manager code if you change submitOnChange: true from/to submitOnChange: falseit will allow you to move passed that. It will require you to go back once after selecting the location to refresh the page

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I’ve updated but keep getting notified that there is an update.

After the update I can’t change the temp or the fan mode. What should I do?


I am having the same issue. iOS. Logs dont reveal much. Tried using my cooling temp:


Did you guys open the manager app and press done?

Looking through the exception data I’m seeing a ton of not authorized meaning that person’s token has been revoked. I just can’t tell who because it only collects the exception message. So please verify that your install is functional

Yes, I can confirm it’s installed, working properly from a token perspective. I get accurate updates.

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Well if there is an error than it will likely generate an error in the thermostat logs or the manager app logs

Nothing in logs but this:

15377292-9778-40f3-be60-bcdb100d6859 9:55:08 AM: trace coolingSetpointUp()…

I hate to ask but did you update the device handlers?

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I actually didn’t. But I just did and have same issue…also look at the enlarged leaf.

Wow… Your data is all kinds of screwed up. Releasing new software is always fun because I get to see how inconsistent things run on ST

Can you go into the manager app > api/diag info > scroll down to diagnostics and review your app and device data for any inconsistencies or corruption

You Device Handler did not grab the CSS. It is now shared amongst all device handlers.

Is that Android? Smart Things looks weird, what up with the underlined “Right Now”

What should I be looking for? I see a bunch of #'s all over.

I am running ios @desertblade