[REMOVED] Nest Manager 4.0

I have battery operated nest protect (smoke detector) would this affect the battery life of the device by pulling info too often? or the interface is through nest and it wont affect the battery life?

Nope this will not affect your battery life at all. We poll nest api and the api only changes when the device sends new data to nest.

Nest Manager v4.1

  • New: Manager and thermostat devices now support all of the new Nest Api features like time-to-temp, sunlight correction, and Eco mode."
  • New: All Devices now support SmartThings undocumented device Health Check system. Which will show you when your device isn’t communicating.
  • Updated: Cleaned up thermostat voice reports to sound more natural and added some more detail.
  • Updated: Re-activated the temperature adjust sliders on the thermostat device.
  • New: Voice Report preferences to the Setup Review and preferences pages. This allows you to select which items to disable from the voice report (zone info, automation schedule info, device usage info).
  • New: Thermostat device graphs updated to display external temps and hvac runtime.
  • New: Added two new pie charts to represent the Today and Month usage. (I will be refining these over the next week)
  • Updated: Virtual Thermostat device now shares the same code as the physical device handler.
  • Updated: All device logging methods modified to honor the manager setting to disable appending app/device name to log entries.
  • Updated: Complete update to device and child app diagnostic pages it includes filters to increase loading and not show irrelevant data.
  • Updated: As usual lot’s of Bugfixes :slight_smile:

##Please remember to update both the Manager SmartApp and all device handler code.
###FYI: I highly recommend that you remove the virtual thermostat device and then delete the virtual device code from the IDE

For more info please visit:


@tonesto7 well done on the update! Seems like a lot of great improvements have been adddes.

Just one question - you say to remove the virtual thermostat device and virtual device code. I have only been using this since 4.0 and initially did a manuel install. Since then I have managed to get GitHub working on my IDE (Im UK based) so I’m planning to use that to update. However, is the virtual thermostat device listed in the devices as virtual thermostat in either display name or type column in the device tab in the ide? Or could this be a legacy thing from previous versions? And how do you delete the virtual device code from the IDE? Sorry for the noob question

I just followed the installation guide but when I go to the marketplace I don’t have a My Apps section in the Smart Apps tab.

@sykocus have you got GitHub? That’s the easiest way to install instead of having to export all the device handlers and SmartApp itself. It all has to be installed in the IDE. Did you publish and do the OAuth?

@Townsmcp I followed the directions for using GitHub yes. On the smart apps panel of the IDE its showing published and OAuth true. Under the device handlers it says published for each of the items but OAuth is blank but I don’t know how/where to enable OAuth for device handlers.

In the smart apps section it’s showing the category for the nest manager as convience. I can’t seem to change that and I don’t have a convience section on my mobile app either.

Make sure you are using the correct IDE link.
See this post

@sykocus have you clicked on Save and then Publish when in the device handler page?

@tonesto7 I went to https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/ and nothing was setup so I went thought the instructions again now it’s showing up in My Apps. I had no idea there were two IDE sites. Thanks for the help.

This is happening a lot more frequently and it’s a shame that ST hasn’t addressed it yet.
I glad you got it sorted out though :slight_smile:

@sykocus that’s means your on the European setup. Check out the following site to get GitHub installed:

SmartThings + GitHub Integration Issues

He is in North America, just on the 2nd shard.

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Doh! At least it’s all sorted

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Is there any way possible to setup an automation based on a remote sensor to turn the HVAC fan on for a set amount of time? There is a way to manually turn on the fan within the Nest app but I would like to do it triggered on a remote sensor temp threshold.

Basically my thermostat is in the central part of the house. A room near the exterior corner of the house gets cooler in the winter than the other rooms and if it gets to a certain temp I want the fan to kick on and circulate the warmer air into that room.

Is this possible?

I’ve deleted the handler for the Virtual Thermostat. Should I also delete the DTH for Sim Thermostat? It may have been held over from a previous version of NM

tonesto7 : Nest Sim Thermostat

10:31:53 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: physicalgraph.device.DeviceTypeExecutorBase$_closure5.doCall() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.lang.NumberFormatException) values: [generateEvent Exception:, java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “>120”]
Possible solutions: doCall(), doCall(java.lang.Object), call(), call([Ljava.lang.Object;), call(java.lang.Object), findAll() @ line 441

Getting this on one of the two thermostats. I removed it, made sure it was gone, added it back. It appears to be working sorta ok.

A CoRE piston might do the job - [RELEASE CANDIDATE] CoRE (Community's own Rule Engine)

I looked and didn’t see the solution. I installed the Nest Manager app and it’s working perfectly (Thanks for the hard work!).
Is there a way to decrease the time delay between changing the temp on my phone (Android if it matters) and it updating the nest? Right now, when I manually change the temperature, it takes a minute or so to update the Nest.

I saw the polling options and set the one I think it was to 1 minute but that was the minimum and seemed like it was still too slow. Using the Nest app updates the thermostat almost immediately so hopefully it’s fixable or we’ll just keep the Nest app on our phones (I’d rather go to 1 app).


All NestMode automations have been flawless since the update. Nice work!!