[REMOVED] Nest Manager 4.0

I’d suggest supplementing your phone presence by using Life 360 rather than Nest presence, But that is only my opinion.

I don’t recommend using any of Nest’s away assists if you are going to perform any automation tasks via ST.

I would use your phone or life360 presence in ST with the Nest Manager Automation “Nest Mode” to set the location home\away based on a few triggers using ST presence, SmartThings Mode, or a switch.

Can someone please help me troubleshoot my issue? I’m still getting 400 errors and have lost the ability to control my thermostat.

3:14:02 PM: error |Nest Manager | nestResponse | A Bad Request was made to the API | (Status: 400 | Error: Failed with status code 400)

Thanks Robin, I checked and I don’t see any messages and Nest Manager is listed in the connected apps. @tonesto7 is looking in to it for me, I will try to report back the outcome.

Ok I’m a total noob. How do I install this? HELP

Start here:


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I ended up deleting and reinstalling everything. Worked like a charm!

I think where I screwed it up was when I got some message about it not communicating I reset my token or whatever, and NM and Nest never spoke again.

Everything is smooth as can be now (and no Watchdog warnings either). I was dreading re-automating but afterwards I kinda thought it is probably a good idea to rebuild anyway. It went really quickly this time around and I think I probably have a more efficient schedule set up that does the same thing.

One note though, it was mentioned that NM shouldn’t make a room get warmer if it looses connection because the thermostat itself has the set-points. While that is true, if you are using a remote sensor and virtual thermostat with a 5 degree buffer and then NM loses connection with Nest after the vT jacks up the temp to turn it on then your set point is still set 5 degrees higher than where you want your temp to be and will be there until you happen to notice it getting hotter than it should. My use case is I have room that heats and cools much faster than the others and there is actually no supply vents going to the hallway where the thermostat is (which seems pretty damn boneheaded from a design perspective). So, I have that room set at 69. The hallway may itself be 71. When the room gets below 69 the vT cranks up the regular thermostat to 76. If after it is set at 76 NM and Nest stop talking, it, of course, stays set at 76. Since there is no heat directly going to hall it may take a long time to get 76, especially if the door is closed. In that time, the room can get from 69 to 80 or higher. If the door is closed it usually only take about 10 minutes to increase the temp 5 degrees. In that same 10 minutes, the temp in the hallway hasn’t increased at all. So, yeah, there is a condition where a room can get overhot if they stop talking. I don’t know what could be done about that though (other than lowering the buffer but that wouldn’t completely solve the issue), its just something to be aware of.

You can adjust the swing NM uses for on/off to be different than the default.

For sure! That’s what I meant by lowering the buffer. Even with that though, it can still be exacerbated if you have a large difference in one room to the other. Even if the swing was lowered to only a 1 degree swing, that room could jump up 5 or more degrees before the main thermostat registers a 1 degree increase. Obviously that would limit the downside more so than the default 5.

Again, I don’t think anything else could be done about it. There is only so much you can correct with something smart when you are starting with a dumb and imbalanced design like my house. I’m just pointing out how a room could get hot without NM communicating with Nest (and did happen to me actually) so one just needs to be cognizant of it. Also, I imagine this scenario taking place being extremely rare to begin with.

Otherwise though, I have no idea how I would be able to manage the temps in these rooms without NM. People lived here before me did it somehow, but I bet it was a real source of frustration for them.

I’m not sure I’m asking this in the right place, but, I’m curious about creating a button for the HVAC fan. I know I can control the fan via NM in the ST app, but I’d like to have a button on Smarttiles - preferably with a preset run time. Meaning, I’d like to just hit the button and have the fan run for 15 minutes (or whatever).

I know there is a HVAC fan automation in NM but I’m looking for a manual way. I haven’t gotten into CoRE yet but is this something it would do? Can I create a virtual switch that will run the fan for whatever preset time (like what is in the Nest app) and then create a button that I put on Smarttiles?

Most surely involves a virtual momentary button and CoRE. Some searching will find you the bits to make this go.

There is a button in the thermostat in Nest manager to turn on the fan. Nest by default
has a fan run timer, so it should run for xx minutes when you turn it on, and the thermostat will turn off.

You can do the same thing but turning the fan on in ST with
the attribute thermostatFanMode setting it to “on”

Thanks guys! I figured it was something like that. Eric filled in the blank I needed there. Probably seems obvious…

Unrelated to this but related to my earlier issues. Overnight and this morning I’ve been getting a warning that NM hasn’t refreshed data in the last 917 (one time more) seconds and that I may need to refresh my Nest Authentication settings. This warning has been sporadic so I know it is eventually refreshing. This warning is what prompted me to refresh my token last time which I definitely know now is not the right thing to do. So, is this warning referring to the authentication that you sometimes have to refresh actually in the Nest app? I’m guessing so. I don’t have any messages to authenticate in the Nest app though. However, it did take a minute or so for the Nest app to show my thermostats so I’m guessing it is either Nest being wonky or my wifi network (or both).

Boiling it down to a question, if i get that warning and there are no authentication messages in the Nest app is it best to just let it fix itself?

we would need to see logs to answer your question. It is strange.

If you want to share IDE logs, do it in a private message to avoid sharing too much data publicly.

I am having the same issues. I sent a PM with log access. Great app, thanks for all the development.

@E_Sch Do i have to have a nest thersmostat to use the NM smartapp? I have a few protects that i will would like to integrate with smartthing

No. I just have protects as well and it works great.

Thanks, I just tried to install the nest manager but i’m getting this error.

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May want to try again, as I see others saying they had platform issues today.

If it persists, share IDE logs via a Private message.

Thanks I will keep trying see if it works