Remove zombie automations from Classic app

In the Classic app, I had several “door left open X minutes” automations. Now that we’re using the new app, those automations are still working … but i can’t edit or delete them anywhere that I can find. I want to replace them with something I can edit (probably the Rboy smartapp). Anyway, WHERE can I see and ideally delete these old automations from the classic app? Thank you, and my apologies if I’m missing something obvious! -Doug

There’s a couple places they could be, most likely stuck in a smartapp - Do you have any SmartLighting automations perhaps? Your routines would have become automations / Scenes depending on if they were reacting to something or setting groups of settings.

If nothing there sticks out, you can go into the IDE: and then My Locations > smartapps to get a list of everything your location has installed. (be careful editing in this section you can really break some stuff) Might have something listed that would jog your memory.

You can also look in the IDE under My Devices. Und each device you can see the Smartapps it is associated with.

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