Remove myself from parents hub

My account is setup to use my parents Smartthings hub at their home. How do I remove myself from their system and hub without screwing all their stuff up?

I live in another city and just bought a Smartthings Link for my place. I want to use my account for my new “hub” Smartthings Link with my Shield

Cool. Do you like the shield? I’ve heard good things about it. :sunglasses:

As far as your account, contact support and they should be able to help:

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Go to your parent smartphone smartthings app --> My accounts --> Manage Users --> Click on your email address that should show “active” and it will ask confirmation to remove.
You are done.

Now your account is still existing so go to your own hub at your home, and login in with this same account.

Is there any way to do this without access to the “parent’s” account? I have a similar situation and the person who gave me access two years ago either can’t or won’t remove me.