Remove background image?

Is there anyway to remove the rather large background image from the app. I don’t really need over 1/3 of the screen taken up with an image of a coffee cup on a table - or any image for that matter. I have 7 rooms added and can only see 5 of them before having to scroll. The same goes for ‘things’ and introduces too many touch points to do anything quickly or see status at a glance.

Reducing the font size for the list items would also be great. I have a 1080p display on one phone and a 2k display on the other and it looks quite out of touch with other apps.

This would make a huuuge difference to the mobile experience in my opinion.

Hope to hear back (especially if there is a way to already do this but i couldn’t find anything in search).


It’s a bug in the Android app (one of many). In iOS, it scrolls up out of the way. The only workaround until ST gets around to fixing this is to change your screen DPI for this app, which requires a rooted device. It still won’t be as good as the iOS experience though, as reducing DPI just makes things smaller.

Thanks @Mr_Lucky

Look forward to seeing this one get ironed out somewhere down the line. Neither of my devices are rooted at the moment so i’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

I have noticed a few items that look far nicer in iOS vs android (sliders/font/even the background colour of device tiles etc)… Do you know if this is going to line up at any point?

Ps - how did you know about the bug as i tried searching but didnt find anything?


My wife has an iPhone 6 that I’m able to compare to my rooted Nexus 5. She was added on as an additional user before ST broke that ability with the v2 update. They obviously know there are problems, as evidenced by the fact they show iOS screen shots in the Android app description on Google Play.

Among other Android fubars, you can’t have a device handler using the new multiAttributeTile with anything other than type:“lighting” if you expect the secondary control to render. This has been reported and confirmed by ST, but no fix. It works fine in iOS. Seems ironic that Android should be the red-headed stepchild of ST, considering that they are owned by Samsung, a major Android producer, and that Android has majority market share.

As we all say come over to the darker but cooler side! iOS rocks! :wink: