Remove a device handler

Have the Zooz Zen15. Zooz support sent me instructions to ad a device handler. I didn’t do it correctly. Excluded device, included device, add DH. How do I remove the DH and start over?

If you added the device first and installed the handler afterwards, you can also manually assign the handler to your device:

  1. In the IDE portal (where you just installed the handler), click on My Devices and then click on the ZEN15 power switch.
  2. Scroll down and click Edit
  3. Go to Type and select “Zooz Power Switch v2.0” from the drop-down list, scroll all the way down beyond alphabetical order
  4. Click Update at the bottom of the screen

Remember that you’ll only have access to advanced setting in the Classic app since the new app doesn’t support this feature yet.

Thanks for the reply. My only choice is “Zooz Power Switch.”

Would you be able to choose screenshots of the installed device handler to Zooz support directly? They’ll be able to guide you through the set-up process more efficiently when they see what’s actually installed.