Removal of Contact Book Feature

(Alex Guyot) #102

The flag was just flipped today, so the APIs should start returning false momentarily as caches begin to clear. If you want to force an immediate cache refresh for an individual account, just update your Account object (go to your Show Account page and hit Edit, then hit Update) and that should take care of it.

(Jason) #103

Oh good another thing to drive the platform into the ground since Samsung took over. What is the point of removing a feature on the platform before having a replacement ready? Does anyone there think anymore? You guys haven’t gotten one thing right with any migration and the forum is filled with pissed off users who complain about it and you STILL don’t listen. Get your heads out of your corporate asses and get it right for once. LEAVE THE CONTACT BOOKS ALONE UNTIL YOU HAVE A VIABLE REPLACEMENT!

OPEN LETTER or PLEA - Please give me some guidance about investing time in Smartthings

^^^ the above a million times.


OPEN LETTER or PLEA - Please give me some guidance about investing time in Smartthings
(Eric) #105

Is there anyway we can get a report of apps using the contact book? I have about 300 pistons I can’t go through them all.

(Jimmy) #106

It says in the instructions how to get a list per contact

(Working on a secret project, are we, sir?) #107

I am so glad I’m moving to HE… Samsung has broken this camels back with this stunt and have lost a loyal Samsung customer.

More worried about a friggin contact book then to fix the endless and the on going more important issues that need to be fixed.

(Sean) #108

I just got this Email form smartthings stating.

“Our records indicate that you have not yet transitioned all notifications back to standard SMS/Push notifications. In order to receive important notifications for automations that were previously configured to use Contacts (in the SmartThings Classic app), please follow our step-by-step guide.”

However, I have followed the step-by-step guide “Reluctantly” and with great pain, I was only successful with help from the community @xdreamwalker I still have not got any response from support, and apparently there is still something wrong!

@SmartThings could you please explain why I would have got this email, and what if anything still needs to be done?

(Jimmy) #109

same here. deleted my contact book last week per the instructions and still got the email today.

( I hate Mondays) #110

There’s an update that allows you to redirect them to PUSH - but that may send those notifications to a wider audience…

(Alex Guyot) #111

@scpickle @prjct92eh2 The Contacts page in the IDE is the source of truth for your account. If you check that page and it shows no Contacts then you are good to go.

I’d guess maybe you have an older account lying around that still has Contacts on it and triggered the email, or maybe a linked Samsung account or a migrated SmartThings account. If you checked the Contacts page though then there’s no need to worry about it.

(Jimmy) #112

This would do it. Had CB setup on my smartthings account, got migrated to Samsung and then re-setup CB.

(Eric) #113

My account was migrated before this was announced. My contacts already are gone. I have no list to review.


In my “Location List” page of the IDE I have two entries, both called “Home”. Is this an issue? Should i only have one? Just wondering if there’s any action i should take.

(Brad) #115

No, some users end up with an empty, additional location. You need to make your original location the “Default” before you can delete the other but there is no harm in leaving it alone as well. If you need help, let me know.

( - Make your home your butler!) #116

That’s interesting, is this something a user can enable? Would be handy for users who are using apps which don’t have the fallback option built into them.

(Ron Talley) #117

I am also going through my Pistons updating them 1 by 1. I did update my webCoRE but didn’t see this option…

(Eric) #118

It’s in the SmartApp settings in the ST app, not in the webCoRE dashboard settings.

(Nick Richardson) #119

How do i set a location as the default? I have this empty additional location and haven’t been able to get rid of it because it somehow became the default some months ago when it appeared.

p.s. FWIW i would like to add to others’ displeasure over the removal of this feature without a viable replacement. Enabling global push notifications will essentially guarantee that my wife will now uninstall the app to stop the notifications from coming in that were, until now, only sent to me because they were not needed by her. I do not agree that SMS is a decent alternative either, they can be severely delayed, and are much more intrusive than a simple push notification.

I’m hoping that we get a replacement for selective notifications soon, or at least some communication as to a plan for replacement - otherwise this is a significant step backward for this platform.

(Ron Talley) #120

You can say that again.

( - Make your home your butler!) #121

Alex, There seems to be an issue. There’s a discrepancy in how the platform is reporting the status to existing apps.

input("recipients", "contact", title: "Send notifications to", multiple: true)
is returning false


location.contactBookEnabled is still returning true, so existing apps aren’t able to fall back to push notifications.

Is this related to to the cache and how long will it continue to report true?