Removal of Contact Book Feature

(Robert) #82

I’m not sure if I’ve posted on this forum before, or if I have it wasn’t much, but the notice re: removing contacts inspired me. I’m less concerned about that than I am the looming prospect of a “new smartthings app”, as I have no idea what that really means. Seeing that they’re removing what I’d call a simple function, it makes me wonder what’s next? Will custom apps like CoRe still be supported on the new version? Honestly, without CoRe and a few custom apps / device handlers I’ve cobbled together over a period of time, ST would be almost useless. I don’t really expect Samsung to do anything special for margin users like myself, but it would be good to know what’s coming, so I can migrate to a different platform if needed.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #83

Hear! Hear!

While we know that communication from SmartThings has always been constrained (to varying degrees) - and this has usually turned out to be for the better: e.g., (a) There was quite an extensive description of what Hub V2 would consistent of, and yet it disappointed … though at the exact same time period during 2015, (b) there were no previews of SmartThings Classic App V2 - so we were not prepared for some of the major changes like loss of Tiled view and the Solution Modules (light grouping, sensor grouping).

So this time we are in situation (b) again: i.e., We really don’t know what the destination point is of the new SmartThings Samsung Connect App. Only that it is radically different than Classic, and that “some” stuff will work and “some” stuff definitely won’t.

I wish we could expect more communication. But I don’t think we can.

(Eric) #84

Terry - Maybe you should start removing features from AT! Seems to be working well for ST. I’m not really that upset about this as when I started using contacts I had to hack it to get it working. I assumed it was unsupported even though it was reference in the developer documentation.

I’m concerned about the transition to the new app. As long as they don’t break webCoRE and AT I’m good!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #85

To the contrary, actually…

We have a Feature Request for front-end event notifications already… so that might someday morph into a notification solution compatible with native Android and iOS and contact lists.

(Eric) #86

If you keep delivering features your users are asking for, I’m going to have to stop using AT.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #87

No worries then… There’s infinitely more requests than we can ever implement.

(dman2306) #88

This is such a horrible decision. My wife is going to uninstall the app, I can guarantee that, which means all of my presence based automations stop working. Thanks for making something that is working perfectly just go away!

(Jason) #89

She could block/turn off notifications and still use the app if needed.


I’m getting tons of duplicate sms messages today…

(Greg) #91

Finally getting around to doing this.

Ridiculous that I can’t send SMS to more than one number in SHM Security :man_shrugging:

(Sean) #92

I get this error message after step 8

Access to was denied
You don’t have authorization to view this page.

(Ben K) #93

I got the same. Go back to the main contacts screen instead of the contact details screen – use the delete button there. That worked for me.

(Sean) #94

Yeah, I get the same message from both screens.
I have also tried deleting just the phone # from the detail screen, and also tried removing the contacts from inside the app.
With no luck…

Guess I’ll see what happens if this is not done.

(Jason) #95

Try using an incognito tab. It doesn’t make sense, but that has worked for me in the past with random 403 errors in the IDE.

(Sean) #96

That is very strange but it worked!
Thank you

( - Make your home your butler!) #97

Wasn’t this supposed to have been disabled yesterday? I’m still seeing it work in SmartApps and evaluating as true.

(Greg) #98

Lol - gonna be doubly annoyed if I removed it per their instruction but then they left it in place after all.

(Andre) #99

Mine still working as usual. I didn’t delete anything as there was no toggle option in the Text & Push Notifications as described in the above Update Routines procedure (Step 5).

So, still receiving notifications using Contact Book.

(SmartThings) #100

As previously announced, we made the decision to disable the Contact Book feature. As of today (July 31, 2018), you will no longer receive notifications which were configured using this feature. All users who did not preemptively update their notifications have been notified via email. If you have not yet deleted your Contact Book entries and update your notifications, please see this post.

( - Make your home your butler!) #101

I’m confused:

As per the posts:

The features would be disabled and return false to the SmartApps so that SmartApps which were developed as per the ST guidelines/specifications will continue to function and they will fall back to push notifications instead of sending individual notifications.

If the API still returns true then this won’t happen and neither will get to use sendPush or will get contact notifications. So are these APi’s going to start returning false from today (keeping time for clearing the cache)?

As of now when I open the apps the API’s are still returning true.