Remoting with Cat5 hardwire a SmartThings WiFi Router

So I have a shop about 150’ from the house and my modem. Could I hardwire a SmartThings WiFi router in the shop to the main router and get WiFi in that location? I know the distance is too far to connect wirelessly.

Have you explored a powerline adapter… if you can get them on the same power circuit, it might work.

The two buildings are on different transformers so pretty sure that won’t work.

Yes you can hard wire from the main router to the shop router. You may want to use outside cat6 cable.

I already have Cat5 to the location in conduit. Now the other problem will be there is no climate control in the shop so I won’t be able to keep it in the rated temp range of 32 to 104…that I can see as a problem.

Well its really only the device that has to be kept at recommended temp. But I’ve heard of people using devices in temps below or above whats recommended.

@terryk there is something called an outdoor router, and it has an AP mode that allows it to act like a wired extender, or an access point. However, you will need a smartthings hub for zigbee, and that probably has the same temp range as a router, so no point in trying unless you don’t need zigbee.

As @KittKat5, it will work in extreme temps, but it might have a shorter life, so keep a replacement on hand.

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